Character Bios

The Characters



5' 2"

After finding himself far from his home and abandoned in the lands he once only knew as the 'Deadlands,' he is attempting to make his way home. Naive and outspoken he is often one to let his curiosity get the better of him.


The Guardian


Outwardly unfriendly, he seems to be working via the orders of someone else. He has identified himself only as Lexus's guardian so far, eschewing a name. Short-tempered and skilled in combat, he knows a little about everything and everyone.


The Poet

5' 9"

A historian, artist, and of course poet, The Poet carries himself with light-hearted ease and seems only interested in the safety that numbers bring. He possesses a hidden wealth of skills and contacts and never speaks of his past or current intentions.



6' 4"

William has become something of a hero around the Deadlands, the man that can find and save anyone, no matter how lost or trapped. He is kind, a little sad, and uncomfortable with the attention around him. He has a vested interest in keeping Lexus safe.


The Good Doctor


An enigma and possibly nothing more than a shared dream, this being that calls himself a doctor operates on logic all his own. To see him is both a blessing and curse, it is hard to say which weighs most heavily.




A stranger that only seems to appear on occasion and certainly never in the waking world, who or what they are is almost inconsequential to the other questions they raise.




What a vision, what a beauty! But, who is she, and when will we see her again?